We do not offer any refunds. This is our standard policy, and we cannot make exceptions for cases of:

​1. Failing to tell us that you needed an item by a specific date BEFORE purchasing it

2. Not reading the information on processing times, which can be found in each item description, the checkout page, and the shop policies section.


Incase you are unhappy with the purchase or have a problem with the delivered piece, please get in touch with us. We would try our best to come up with a quick resolution for you!

​As the products are upcycled and handmade items, they are bound to have some imperfections/inconsistencies (that fall within a normal range for a handmade item). Examples of these may include texture difference in the leather, slight variances of color from what appears on screen, or other small marks that in no way affect the functionality or overall aesthetic appeal of an item. Returns will not be accepted on the basis of small imperfections such as these.

We do not accept returns on customized items except in the extremely rare case of damage during shipping. 

In the rare case of any return requests made due to difference in colour/texture, the return shipping will be borne by the customer. 

​Any hassle, inconvenience can be avoided by reading the description of each item VERY CAREFULLY before purchasing, so that you aren't expecting something different than the product that is offered.

We will not replace items if they break or are otherwise damaged while in your possession, or with regular use. We am not liable or responsible for replacing lost earrings that fall off and get lost during use.

If you lose an earring, please contact us for the option to purchase one single earring to match the lost one. 

Many styles of earrings may be fragile and delicate, and must be handled with care- which means that if you intentionally bend the parts, scratch the surface, or pull roughly on the components attached with jump rings, they will likely break.

We will not replace items that have been damaged due to rough handling after they’re safely delivered to you.